Preservation bench
>>> project:

The guys from Houtlander reached out to us and enquired whether we would be interested in scripting a unique design, not saying much more other than it had to top the previous bench that won the most beautiful object in SA award and that it possibly involved a helix.

I mean come on, how could I say no to that?

They teamed up with the American Hardwood Export Council who supplied them with thermally modified American Red Oak for the project.

>>> info:

format: It was found the best medium to use for conveying the concept was clay, as in good old plasticine, and it worked.

function: Bench, but not just any old bench, Houtlander is not known for their middle-of-the-road benches, they are known for their mind-blowing, out of this world, “how is that possible in wood?” benches and this one had to outdo all its predecessors.

>>> execution:




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