Concept development, Form Finding and Facades

Providing you with the design-focused tools you never know you needed.

Concept Development.

With concept development, we aim to provide a service where we can advise you on possible advanced machining and manufacturing methods to guide you in the initial design phase.

The idea is that the better you are initially informed, the easier it would be to develop a design concept that is feasible and realistic. The aim is not to water down the creativity but to enable you to achieve more. We are providing you with the tools you need to build the dream.


Form Finding.


We have a parametric approach to form-finding. Grasshopper and Rhino enable us to explore hundreds of possibilities and iterations quickly and efficiently. With a basic concept and a design goal, a script can be written, and design exploitation can take place in a fraction of the time.

In comparison to conventional design development on paper, you will be able to explore a much broader field of possibilities and most likely end up with a model that’s BIM compatible without too much additional effort.

We don’t do the design for you; we provide you with the tools to help you find your way.




A building’s façade is like a beautiful summery dress or a well-designed winter coat. It says so much about the building and its designer it makes it look beautiful and serves a function like all clothing items. Don’t let your building have a wardrobe crisis. Allow us to help you find the right (out)fit.

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