Design and Consultation

Better design through technology and creativity for any application, Installations, Competitions, Prototyping or exploration.

Design and consultation.


Creative problem-solving is our primary business: Problem-solving needs to be a dynamic process that can adapt along with the ever-changing project parameters. We steer away from static, one-dimensional solutions and keep our work fluid and adaptable.

We prefer the "out of the box" methodology. An idea is never precious, and we will always explore numerous iterations. This is where parametric design comes into the equation: parametrics provide a rapid-fire approach, based on a solid geometric foundation.

With architecture and furniture design as a background, we have a broad skill set in the construction and manufacturing industry and specific, focused skills were acquired through trial and error.

Our clients benefit from this since costly mistakes are eliminated through our extensive experience.

If you have a project in mind, regardless of the scale or complexity, feel free to contact us. We might be able to bring a crazy concept to a workable reality.


Professional cross-pollination is the key to sustainable creativity in any industry.

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